Human Body Ratios

what is the ratio of wingspan fingertip to fingertip

There are several ways to compare the length of the two pieces of yarn. You might cut several pieces of the length of your shorter string, lay them end-to-end next to your longer piece, and count how many you need. Another way is to fold the longer string into equal parts so that the length of the folded string equals the length of the shorter string. The number of folds needed is exactly the number of times your shorter string goes into your longer string.

what is the ratio of wingspan fingertip to fingertip

Ape Index doesn’t seem to impact arm strength and arm speed with what is the ratio of wingspan fingertip to fingertip the correct technique.” The key here is correct technique.

Benefits of Being Proportionate

Emphasizing your extra-long arms can make you more competitive in some sports, or you can focus on your legs and other abilities if you have a shorter wingspan than your height. Leg reach in the UFC is measured from the outside of a fighter’s leg, from the top of the hipbone to the heel. If the measurement is not taken from the outside of the leg, it’s inaccurate.

This small detail of Durant’s body may actually benefit his unstoppable game. While not in the “freakish” category, Dwayne Wade possesses a 6’11” wingspan to compliment his 6’4” frame. These measurements account for a 7.25% wingspan differential that he puts Wade in the “elite” category just below “freakish,” but his impact surpasses that classification. In his career, Wade also has 548 careers blocks in 547 games , the most for any NBA starting guard since 1973 when blocks became a recorded stat. Will Bynum has the same 4” differential in his wingspan (6’0” with roughly a 6’4” wingspan); his differential coming in at 5.3 percent, which measures as “above average” by our metrics.

Measure the Reach

In addition, some people measure these ratios to see if their proportions are within a normal range, or to gauge aesthetics. Enter your wingspan and height into the calculator to determine your wingspan to height ratio, also known as APE index. It is good to remember that these ratios are averages over a large group of people. Some of these variations might even be used as an advantage, like being tall and having exceptionally long arms can be advantages when playing basketball. If you have a negative Ape Index, meaning your arms are shorter than your height, you won’t travel as far in the water with each stroke as someone with a positive index, simply because your reach is shorter. Although his arms are long, Durant’s hand size does not match the rest of his body. In fact, KD claims that he can’t even palm a basketball!

what is the ratio of wingspan fingertip to fingertip

Measure your arm over the shoulder and down your arm. Do not go measure down your back, as you will want to get the fullest arm length possible. Instead, go across your shoulder and down your arms. If you’re not sure how to take this measurement, think about what a long-sleeved shirt seam will look like—this is approximately the length you will measure.

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While that 4” is advantageous to Oden as a big man, it is comparatively more advantageous to Bynum because of his length relative to his body at a foot shorter. This equation reflects the length advantage relative to their size as opposed to just their raw length. For example, Greg Oden stands at 7’0” with a 7’4” wingspan, making for a 4” differential that comes in at 4.8 percent greater than his body, which is “average” by our scale. While it might not be the most natural measurement in regards to a player physically, it is the most organic and relevant to the game. From there, we subtracted that number by one to give us the “percentage of wingspan greater than height.” This shows how much longer their wingspan is relative to height. The objective of the present study was to establish multiethnic, all-age prediction equations for estimating stature from arm span in males and females.

The following formula is used to calculate a wingspan to height ratio. To measure the wingspan of each subject we had the subject stretch his/her arms out horizontally or as horizontal as possible. We used no instruments to make sure each arm was straight, in alignment with each other, or horizontal; it was done by eye. It is possible that the wingspan was measured to be shorter than it should be. The head to body ratio is a little more complex as it changes from a ratio of about one to four for a small child to about one to eight for an adult.

Shorter arms when weightlifting gives the athlete less distance when lifting above their heads, and also allows the weights to be closer to their center of gravity. So, although it may seem harder for them at the beginning, they will tend to progress to harder climbs at a faster rate. Plus, how tall someone is will closely correlate to weight, which is why shorter climbers will benefit from a lighter weight, and they tend to keep better body tension on steeper climbs too. It’s easy to think that taller climbers have more of an advantage, with their longer reach and all, but there’s something to be said for shorter climbers, and it’s the way they learn to adapt faster. This data also reflects the idea that men have longer arms relative to their height than women. Only Emily Harrington and Alex Puccio manage to get into the positive zone. And is your arm span and height exactly the same?

Most of the society indeed has similar wingspan and height, but not always. Humanity inspires art, and one mathematically accurate art piece often referenced when it comes to wingspan and height is Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”. Inspired by Vitruvius’ writing, this drawing shows da Vinci’s perception of the perfect male body.

If you cannot turn your back to a wall, stand up as straight as possible and avoid hunching your shoulders. Taking your measurements over the shoulder and down the hand will give you a precise reading, particularly if you are measuring your arm length for clothing.

Difference Between Accounting and Accountancy


Being able to generate the standard business reports and statements required by businesses and the IRS. Accounting is the process of keeping control over transactions and summarising these into useful reports, routinely for management and quarterly or less frequently for investors.

For instance, a accountancy might recommend the software for a double entry system of accounting, but the accountant would approve it. Treasury is the link between the business and the financial markets. It oils the wheels of the business by raising finance, getting cash into the right place and looking at financial risks.

Accounting software

The tasks that bookkeepers and accountants do vary between businesses. Bookkeepers working for smaller businesses might do some basic accounting duties. There’s often overlap, and the duties may change a lot from one business to another. Bookkeeping focuses on recording and organizing financial data.

  • Basis of Comparison between Accountants vs. CPAAccountingCPAMeaningAccounting is a processor work of keeping financial accounts.
  • Accountancy can be defined as the systematic knowledge of accounting which focuses on the principle of gathering all the prevalent information and using the financial data.
  • The median annual salary for financial managers—which includes controllers—was $134,180 in 2020 according to BLS data.
  • Entry-level accounting jobs may require a recognized professional title, but advancement certainly depends on it.
  • Financial reporting, sometimes referred to as financial accounting is an exercise that compiles accounting information into reports for management, shareholders and other stakeholders of a business.
  • Accountants and auditors work with a business’s financial statements and ensure they are accurate, up-to-date, and in compliance with various regulatory standards.

Another difference is in their level of education, certification, and responsibilities. A bookkeeper is basically in charge of purchases and receipts while an accountant is involved in almost all aspects of the business such as risk assessment, tax preparation, etc. What differentiates bookkeeping from accounting is the way they analyze and interpret financial data. Bookkeeping involves maintaining accurate financial records, so you must be meticulous. Although technology has made calculation easy, you still need the human figure to be sure that there is no mistake. But when your financial records are accurate, you will file taxes correctly and on time. This increases your level of compliance, so you won’t have to pay heavy fines.

Meaning Of Undercast And Overcast In Accounting

Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions especially regarding business. The process of accounting involves several processes like summarizing, reporting, analyzing, etc. There are four significant kinds of accounting, i.e., corporate accounting, forensic accounting, public accounting, and government accounting.

  • A bookkeeper does not require any formal training, however a bookkeeper’s job is important.
  • Accounting requires a person who is more detail-oriented and focused.
  • But when your financial records are accurate, you will file taxes correctly and on time.
  • With this information, you can seek professional advice on strategies to reduce the amount you pay as tax.
  • For instance, in banks and law firms, various people are given the responsibility to look after the transactions made by the customers so that any fraudulent case does not occur.

It plays a significant role in framing policies and budgets for businesses and controlling the activities. The branch of accounting which is concerned with the classification, accumulation, apportionment, and control of costs and preparation of reports, is cost accounting. Accounting is the action that is based on the knowledge of accountancy, whereas accountancy is the field of knowledge that shows the route to accounting. Accounting is a business language in which the economic activities of the enterprise are recorded and presented. On the contrary, the profession opted by accountants is termed accountancy. The businesses are handled and managed effectively through accounting and accountancy. The systematic records are maintained in accounting and accountancy.

Accountant vs. Controller: An Overview

A certified public accountant is a designation given to those who meet education and experience requirements and pass an exam. Controllers tend to make more money and have to manage people and organize departments; not all accountants have the same responsibility. Some people thrive in management roles, and these are the best candidates for controller jobs.

The service provider tracks your income sources, profits and losses, and accounts receivable and payable. The records must be accurate and easy to understand so your company does not run into problems with regulators. However, you can use software to make your work easier whether you are an accountant or a bookkeeper. You will keep a lot of books depending on the size of the company you work with.